nostalgia, melancholic, yet filled with contempt



meaningful moments

No wedding is complete without some highlights in black and white. It will stand the test of time. To me, it embodies pure class.

The way we play with light, feelings, or mood, makes us reminisce about the old staples of photography like Henri Cartier-Bresson or Peter Lindbergh, and that one specific way to boost light in certain parts of a black and white for a unique result, for that one look that gives us that nostalgic feeling in an instant. 

Classy black and white

class &



pinned to my

small details that matter

posed and unposed memories

exotic elegance

dreamy venues

let it unfold.

Creating the most beautiful image on a wedding day as possible, managing to make the magic of the event come alive as much in the images as in real life is an art in itself and it is that art specifically I enjoy the very most.

Let me craft beautiful imagery that makes your wedding stand out, just the way your wedding should be remembered.

pinned to my

class & elegance


memorable beauty


the overwhelming beauty of nature

make it count

still moments for you both

You love the overwhelming beauty of nature. You'd love that one epic shot that you can hang in your house and walk past by every single day thinking "Gosh. That's us. And we've been there.", so much so that you feel the goosebumps all over your body over again.

You don't mind hiking and you love the experience of feeling deeply connected with nature and her overwhelming beauty.

make the list, then go there.

bucketlist photos

chasing sunsets

more adventure

adventure epic

pinned to my


every moment


make it count

Spontaneous moments. Many feels. Intimate looks at each other that nobody has seen. Moments with bridesmaids and friends.  Not too much posing, just having fun. Together. 

enjoying the

and then.

The realness of the day.


keeping it real

hell yes.

Spontaneous beauty

pinned to my


take me with you

Do you and your partner hunker for beautifully posed images that will last a lifetime on your wall, or are spontaneous shots everything for you? Are you in love with black and whites? Or with classy elegance?

Or are you also a mix?

I'd love to hear all about it.

i'd love to hear all about it


let's connect our visions

The day will flow. And some wedding days will have a bit more of this, others a bit more of that, but they'll all have their spontaneous moments with some epic posed shots.

After all, I'm just letting the creativity flow on the day itself.
It's important to note that I'm not into repeating wedding days, but keeping the creativity alive, so much so that no two wedding days are ever the same.

You, after all, are unique.


let it unfold.

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