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photographs that match your vibe

My Mission

You are a unique story of you both, waiting to be told.
It's a new opportunity to shoot something amazing.
To me, I want to create something that will make the difference for you.


initial consult

Tell me about your wedding day, your desires, your wishes, and your plans!


Either via zoom or in real life: practical planning and wishes for your wedding. Here I also go over your bridal guide. so we're as much in tune as possible.

Last call

Your wedding is just a few days away!! I'll call you one last time for a final checkup and to wish you a few amazing
 last couple of days.

Your wedding!


On your wedding day, you won't make it to a mountain top in Italy. However, we all want that kind of image.

That's exactly why we can travel abroad and create some magic. We'll research some amazing spots, and just go out there and shoot.
All day, at ease, just us.

Ready to create that magic together?


Doing a lot of effort for the perfect proposal? Or just having it with the two of you, but want the moment eternalised?

Never forget the beauty of the moment you asked her to marry you... And you were able to capture it too.

Having my proposal photographed at the beach here in Greece was everything I didn't know I wanted!!! You hid so well and when he gave me the ring everything was a big blur.... Thank you for capturing our love!!!!

- A & G

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